Sharing The Fruits (and vegetables) of our Labor

Since introducing bio-intensive farming methods to our kitchen garden and groves, we’ve found ourselves with a bounty beyond our needs. Now we’re delighted to share our seasonal, organic, flavorful and nutrient-rich harvests as our way of nurturing community beyond our doors.

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Tuesday - Sunday
10AM - 5PM


314 Deer Springs Road
San Marcos, CA 92069

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Our Current Harvest

Heirloom Tomatoes • Beets • Carrots • Green Onions • Turnips • Radish • Romaine • Chard • Zucchini • Summer Squash • Mint • Parsley • Rosemary • Kale • Oranges • Avocado • Cucumber • Basil • Celery • Oregano • Dill • Thyme • Sage • Rosemary • Chives • Leeks • Spring Mix • Arugula

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Freshly Baked Bread

Bread Schedule

Tuesday: Sourdough Delight Varieties

Wednesday: Golden Door Focaccia

Thursday: Golden Door Country White & Brioche Pullman

Friday: Golden Door White Sourdough & Seven Seed Sourdough

Saturday: Golden Door Whole Wheat Sourdough, Pumpernickel Rye, Bacon Cheddar Serrano Chili, & Brioche

Sunday: Black Hat Bread Varieties

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Our Golden Values

No Pesticides or Synthetic Fertilizers

Natural enrichment methods keep our land productive and sustainable.

Not Just Produce

Pick up our delicious, preserves, cookies, peanut butter, potassium broth and olive oil.

Biodynamic Farming

At Golden Door Farms, we believe in renewing our land to help revitalize the environment.

Golden Door Bees

Collect nectar from blossoms in our orange groves producing a light honey thick with sweet goodness and citrus notes.

Golden Door Eggs

From chickens who eat organic and almost as well as our guests.

Local Whenever Possible

We strive to support San Diego organic farms and local artisans and makers whenever possible.

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