Green Pesto Pasta Sauce

Green Pesto Pasta Sauce

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Contained in an artfully designed package, the Geometry of Pasta Green Pesto is an elegant twist on a classic sauce. Crafted with basil, cashews, and olive oil, this pesto sauce goes perfectly with your favorite pasta noodles or served alongside cured meats and salty cheeses on an antipasto platter.

The Geometry of Pasta line is inspired by the Italian preoccupation with finding the right pasta shape for the right sauce. This collection draws on the best of Italian regional cuisine – from authentic bronze-drawn pasta to celebrated wild game sauces – and is made from the finest ingredients in the heart of Italy. By bringing together some of Italy’s best artisan pasta producers and gourmet sauce makers for the first time, we hope to elevate pasta and sauce to something truly sublime.

Ingredients: basil, sunflower oil, cheeses (cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, salt, rennet), cashew nuts, salt, potatoes, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, acidity regulator: glucone delta lacton, dehydrated parsley, flavor, garlic. Contains milk, pine nuts, cashew nuts.

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