Organic Pipe Pasta

Organic Pipe Pasta

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Pipe Pasta is a typical artisanal Italian pasta made with a bronze-dawn
method. The result is an extremely high quality pasta, with a wrinkled, rough and porous surface that captures seasonings when tossed in the pan. Borgo De Medici uses bronze dies and drying temperatures below 45 degrees, so that all the properties of the dough such as fragrance, flavor and nutritional values, can be maintained.
This is a hollow curved pasta that resembles a snail shell. This shape has a
wide opening at one end and the other end is flattened

This pasta is the best solution for all those who like nice, chunky sauces.

Generally served stuffed, with tasty ingredients like ricotta and ham, then baked, this pasta is an ideal ingredient for an original and delicious dish.
Try it filled with a broccoli and garlic mix, then covered with cream and
sprinkled with grated Parmisan Cheese. Cook it in the oven and surprise
your guests with this amazing recipe!

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